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Gilroy - Hollister - Morgan Hill

New weekly signups for Monday night. help for finding partners on Monday night. If you are listed with your partner and checked as playing, DO NOTHING. If you are just not playing this month replace the play check with an N. Change back to a Y for after date has passed for next month.  If the partnership is wrong delete the partnership. Add your name at the bottom If you want to play and do not have a partner. Questions call me. If you would rather, just call me for Monday Night partners.

Win Stone 

New Feature

If you use the partnership page and find a partner, remember to remove your request.

We now have an online partnership desk. In order to use it you must:

First login to see the partnership item on the top menu.

  1. In order to login you will have to register one time.  
  2. After you register you will get an email with a link to click on to activate your registration.

This is the 1st draft of this feature. If you have any non-obscene suggestions for improvement or inclusion please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will do what I can.

Note, you only have to login in order to see the partnership page.

If you edit in the page and save it, please make sure you Save & Close and Logout afterwards to free the page for other users. To edit the page you must select edit when you select the page you want to change. If you do not select edit, it will not let you write on the page.



New Sectional Masters

Congratulations to New Sectional  Master Lawson Sakai


Did You Know

You Should Alert the Defenders Before They Lead When You Have an Ace Asking Sequence

When you use Gerber or Blackwood or RKC the bids do not have to be alerted but you should announce the fact that "We had an Ace asking Sequence" before the opening leader selects his card.

New Game Time for Monday eve. 6:20

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Gilroy bridge club 

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