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We are introducing a new game on Thursday, if you have less than 100 masterpoints, we have a new game just for you. Starting on Thursday June 11th and every Thursday thereafter we will be running a 99ER section concurrent with the open game. If you are a newer player or have less than 100 points this is the game for you. Come join us Thursday at the Gilroy Senior center at 7371 Hanna Street for a new and exciting event. Game time is 10:00 AM.



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New Sectional Masters



Did You Know

You Should Alert the Defenders Before They Lead When You Have an Ace Asking Sequence

When you use Gerber or Blackwood or RKC the bids do not have to be alerted but you should announce the fact that "We had an Ace asking Sequence" before the opening leader selects his card.

New Game Time for Monday eve. 6:20


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